The first thing very noticeable is the unique packaging. The box measures 18 1/4 x 13 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches. This is quite different than the usual flat package that is normally used, although this does make for better storage than most sizes. However I found very little information about the train set on the outside of the box.


The set comes with True-Track 18" radius curved (12 pcs), one 9" retailer track and one 9" straight track.

The set is comprised of a GP-38-2 Locomotive and a matching C&O Style Cupola Caboose, The rest of the set is comprised of a 50' 6" Box car labeled Rail box from the nationwide car pool, an Evans 52' Gondola car marked with the GTW identifiers and a ACF 3560 Hopper car.

The engine is brightly painted in the CP Rail colors of red and white and nicely decorated with several small decals. The nose is painted with very vivid red and white stripes and the rear is painted with black and white stripes. The head light works forward and the backup lights for reverse and a lighted cab.

Also I was delighted to find that the engine is DCC ready with an eight pin socket installed.The motor seems substantial and was able to pull it’s consist up a 5+ deg grade with no problem.

All the cars including the engine are an excellent example of injection molding, The details upon close scrutiny are very infinite in detail down to the smallest nuts & bolts. The number work and lettering is very clear and readable to the smallest, some of which needs a magnifying glass to read.


All the cars come with metal wheels and knuckle type couplers that add to a realistic appearance and good operation. The couplers seem to be compatible with similar couplers that are available on other sets. All the cars are weighted sufficient to ensure smooth operation. All in all I found this to be an enjoyable review as it should appeal to most levels of model railroading. I really like the color scheme and how easy it was to set up and run and additional Atlas True Track is readily available in most Hobby Shops or directly from Atlas. My only disappointment was that there are no extras included with the set.

Power is supplied by a basic Atlas Power pack. In summary I would like to say that I was very impressed with the great care that was taken to produce a very realistic representation of this train. The detail is superb and makes this set very desirable to young and older modelers.

Happy railroading ,Bud.