The 25th Anniversary Corvette from Auto Art



The silver anniversary edition Corvette was the first Corvette chosen to be the pace car for the Indianapolis 500.  Auto Art did not produce the two-tone version of the Corvette for their collection they instead went with the straight silver model.  This car has all the lines you would ever want in a Corvette and then some.  The fast back design and large rear window accentuate the uniqueness of this design.  The special commemorative emblems are prominently displayed and give this car its one of a kind place among many storied Corvettes.











The interior of this Corvette is rich with detail.  The 1970’sVettes were about function and simplicity and this car certainly has that right down to the analog clock in the dash.  All the gauges align and fit nicely in the dash and the sunken speedometer adds a little depth as well.  The hinge design on the doors had a little to be desired as they left the attachment screw clearly visible.  The seatbelts were left unconnected and were just tucked in side the floor and the door panels.  The three point cargo harness in the back added a nice touch and all the lines on the large rear window were perfectly spaced and straight to give a nice sleek look to the window.
















The 350 engine that powered this car had a lot of nice detail.  The alternator and break reservoir were in proportion and well placed under the hood.  The belts were aligned properly on the pulleys and had a nice look even though they were constructed of plastic instead of rubber.  The air cleaner and induction system took over the entire top of the engine and made it difficult to distinguish what was underneath, but this was one way Chevrolet tried to comply with the new pollution standards handed down in the early 70’s.

















The under side of this car was plain and unspoiled just like the original.  The exhaust manifolds connected into a single pipe leading into the massive catalytic converter and then the pipes split back out to give the look of a true dual exhaust vehicle.  The rear suspension moved on this particular model although the front suspension was static another small disappointment.


The silver 25th anniversary edition of the Corvette from Auto Art is a must have for collectors.  The limited nature of the model alone makes it a worthy investment.  It is too late to ask Santa to put it under the tree this year, but you should make sure it gets added to the list for next year.









Bob Lewis

Contributing editor

Corvette Nut

Thank you AutoArt for the car to review