About the 2004 Raybrig NSX
From its first race in the JGTC, the JGTC Raybrig NSX has been fitted with the same transverse engine and mid-ship layout as the commercial vehicle. From 2003 however, the team chose to move away from the commercial vehicle with the 2003 NSX featuring a longitudinally mounted layout for improved weight distribution, and the 2004 model featuring a specially developed turbocharged V6 engine. To accommodate the technical changes, the 2004 NSX features a reshaped rear body with a lowered rear fender, marking a new era for the Raybrig team as they continue in search of their first JGTC title.













This awesome 'Raybrig' Honda NSX was driven in Japan's biggest race series, the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship during 2004. The replica is from AUTOart's , although the bodyshell is sealed, with no opening doors or Hood, the level of detail is still outstanding for the price.


I truly impressed that this much interior detail and thought could go into sealed shell package. This car literally looks so real, like you could tighten your harness and press the Ignition button and tool around the track.

Now, the question is do you need this car? Well maybe not need,but a must have.

Franklin Nichols




2004 JGTC Raybrig NSX