Porsche 911 (996) GT3 RSR










Based on the current 911 GT3 RS, a particularly light and sporty derivative of the 911 GT3, the new GT3 RSR is designed to comply with the A.C.O (Automobile Club de lOuest), the FIA-GT and IMSA (International Motorsports Association) as well as VLN (Veedol Langstrecke Nuerburgring) regulations. Porsche decided to build the new GT3 RSR after analysing the A.C.O. and FIA regulations in a specification which allows a minimum weight of 1,225 kilograms (predecessor: 1,125 kgs) and permits the tyre width to be increased by two inches to now 14 inches. 35 kilograms of the required additional weight may be placed as ballast in the vehicle, contributing to a lower centre of gravity.









These 3 cars are works of art, not die-cast. The body lines are so smooth, the paint is flawless. The fit and finish is far superior to most all die-cast I have seen. Again, Auto Art has done a masterful job with its rendition, like many of their other die cast this one is top notch.

The interior of this car is a Disneyland for your fingers as well for your eyes. I spent a good ½ hour the 1st time I looked inside and then another 20min the next time, it is packed with so many small details.


The car come in many different paint layouts, these are my favorite ones. I hope you are like me and get more than one for your shelf , I hope to get them all…….

With kind Regards

Franklin Nichols