Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm #154 Hahn Betzler DRM 1971 Slot Car 1/32 Diecast by Autoart

This year has been one of many surprises. With many highly anticipated arrivals taking center stage, one unlikely contender has stepped into the slot car arena. AUTOart has been making high quality diecast for years featuring some of the finest detail available in 1:18, 1:43, and 1:64 scale. Now they have taken the plunge and begun offer their own brand of detail in 1:32 scale. This time, they don't just collect dust

AUTOart has lived up to its reputation for producing precision models with this Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm.  I am truly impressed with this car and it is a must have for any serious collector and Slot car hobbyist.  I hope that they use this car as the standard for all their future production runs. 

And the paint work is near perfect, very little orange peel. Auto Art has always delivered a stunning model. The sponsor decals are clear and very readable. The grill detail is clear, the mesh looks realistic. The headlights look great, AUTOart has always made them realistic, but these look super real. When you look at the driver figure, well it looks like the Stig, this is a distraction from an otherwise perfect car. The seats look a little pushed forward, cramped.


Take a look up front. The front wheels are independent, this helps performance greatly. And the stub axles help if you plan converting this to digital, I have found that front axels have always been a bother in the conversion.  These stub axles are nicely done, aluminum post with brass fittings.. good show AUTOart.

Takeaway the stub axles and you have a standard AUTOart slot car chassis, a fine one but needs help to be real runner. But I have found that AUTOart cars are worth the tinkering  to have a very good looking, very realistic slot car.