Santa Fe


Ready-To-Run HO set with EZ-Track & DCC Equipped

Bachmann #00501













    It appears that Bachman Trains has become a leader in new model train products and has produced what I think is a very innovative train system that should appeal not only to new comers to model railroading but to well established enthusiasts.


    The Bachman Digital Commander featuring E-Z Command, The digital control system is one of the best train sets on the market that I have seen. Not only is it easy to set up and run for novice railroaders it has the capability to perform many advanced operations. I found it very easy to program locomotives and do basic railroad operations with the potential to into further more complex actions.


    The set is well presented in a package that displays most of the needed information to a prospective purchaser to understand what the kit is comprised of.


    Contained in the kit one will find a EMD FT - A Locomotive dressed out in the Santa Fe blue and yellow scheme and equipped with DCC. The set also includes a EMD GP40 dressed out in the famous war bonnet scheme and equipped with DCC. Both locomotives are equipped with a 28-speed step decoder that is factory - programmed to address button 3 on  NMRA-compliant DCC systems but can be easily reprogrammed to any other existing system.

 Bachmann EZ Command

    This set comes with the Bachman E-Z command system and is very simplistic to install and operate even though it can completely control most railroads. The system is set up to opperate with several companion controllers that allow for two or more operators at one time. Further the hand set can very easily be converted to a walk around unit so as to give better operation in some instances. As I stated I found the system very easy to install and operate.


    The set further includes;


    1 - 50' plug door boxcar

    1 - 40' quad hopper

    1- 36' wide-vision caboose

    1- wall pack power supply

    1 - E-Z Command Control Center

    1 - red track power wire W/E-Z track plug

    1- Black interconnecting power cable w/mini phone plugs

    12 -  18" rad. curved n / s E-Z track

    1 - 9" straight terminal / rerailer

    4 - 9" Straight track

    1 - Hayes bumper

    1 - left-hand manual switch

    1 - magnet / brake man

    1 - E-Z command DVD


    I guess if this was a movie review I would have to give it two thumbs up.


                Happy Railroading            Bud



                 ( All E-Z Command and E-Z Track items are registered trade marks)