E-Z Command® Dynamis®


I don't know how many of you people were like me when it came to DCC systems.

    For the longest while I guess I was just plain afraid to try it out. Not too long ago I was educated by enough friends to try it. I was amazed at the simplicity of it all not to mention the simplicity of installation, I am now a strong believer in the system.    DCC is constantly being improved and made more user friendly. It is in that vane that Bachman has developed its E-Z Dynamis Wireless railroad control unit. Dynamis makes it simple for even myself to enjoy total control of my layout through a handheld wireless unit.

    I guess the it is said best on the package that E-Z Command Dynamis allows the operator total freedom by integrating two-way wireless infrared technology into an advanced digital command system. Using a unique toggle style joystick, both speed and selection locomotive are controlled. A backlit LCD screen with graphical interface and easy-to-use menu buttons make operation and programming of up to 9,999 addresses and CVs simple and intuitive. The ten function buttons allow for one-touch operation of sound and lighting features. Turnout and accessory decoders can also be fully controlled by the Dynamis system, giving you total freedom and control of your railroad.

    Wow! That is a large mouthful explaining what the system can do but, having tried it I can say that everything I tried proved to be exactly as Bachman claims maybe even better. There is a constant flow of digital information updates of handset commands to locomotives, and of locomotive performance back to the handset and displayed on the backlit screen.

    I liked the feel of the joystick to control speeds.

    As stated on the box the system allows for 40 consists of up to five locomotives each and control of up to 40 locomotives at any one time with up to 21 functions. As my railroad is not nearly large enough to have tried this claim I can only believe it to be true as everything I tried was as stated.    The Dynamis is available through Walthers and most hobby stores and is reasonably priced so most railroaders can afford to enjoy what could be the ultimate in rail control. I can only say that I am more than a little impressed by the Dynamis and am anxious to try it to its fullest.


            Happy Railroading,      Bud



E-Z Command® Dynamis®

Features include:

  • two-way wireless infrared operation
  • constant digital information updates of handset commands to locomotive, and of locomotive performance back to handset
  • joystick control for locomotive selection and speed
  • 9,999 locomotive addresses
  • supports 14, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • full CV programming
  • turnout and accessory control
  • easy-to-use backlit LCD screen
  • control of up to 40 locomotives at any one time (up to 21 functions per locomotive)
  • allows 40 consists of up to five locomotives each
  • universally compatible track connection
  • expandable modular design
  • four AAA batteries included
  • suitable for all layouts, from train sets to sophisticated railroads
  • 2.3 amp power supply
  • conforms to all applicable NMRA standards