Tuners, what an interesting name for a group of cars? Are they out of tune or fixated on tuning the radio? This Samba VW Van is a cool starter die-cast for any young person entering the hobby. It has the look that today’s younger generation are promulgating. I must admit I do like the style, we used to call it slammed. Throw on some kickin rims and a few LCD TV’s with a HUGE sound system and presto you have a tuner.







The red and black paint really set this van off. The classic VW emblem on the front and the dropped V in the chrome are a great reproduction. I really like the speakers in the back and if you look at the LCD screen it has a photo of the classic style bus.













The stance of this bus and the oversized rear rims makes this bus look mean. What a cool look for your diorama car show, or your favorite young person’s shelf.



Well to wrap this up, cool looks, good paint. Again this has flaws and lacks any underside detail, but this was meant for the young collectors out there and would be a great gift for them. It will also look good on a detailed slot car track as a diorama piece. Let the photos speak for themselves. If your or younger person are into this style this is a must have.