The H2. Wow! Can we say Bling?! . . . From the over-the-top, chromed out interior, to the low profile tires on huge rims, this truck has it going on! You can see the brake rotors through the rims. A good detail overlooked by most manufacturers at this price point.
















They did a fine job with their interpretation of the H2, although if the wheels were true to scale a driver would be unable to steer them. The H2 has the reputation of being one of the best four wheel drives ever made; it would have to be stout to carry this tire and rim package.













The enlarged wheel wells look good and are very one off. The chrome tail pipes cheapen the overall look of this die-cast. The stance of this Hummer and the oversized rims makes this Hummer just mean looking. What a cool look for your diorama car show, or your favorite young person’s shelf.

I would buy this one

Frank N