EH 700 Rigid Frame Truck




The 1/50 scale Eh 700 frame truck from Ertyl is an excellent all around truck.  The styling and detail is well done and the model will hold up under almost any conditions.  The designers took their time with this model and it shows.  The dual pistons lift the body smoothly and almost straight up without any real effort.  The turning radius of the front wheels is good and offers a great look at the engine when fully turned to one side.  The detail on the motor is very good on this model.  Looking at the model from the front the rails are nice and straight and the ladder looks real as well.  






When you change ends and look at the rear the axle is clearly visible and so are the dual pistons used to raise the body.  The bolt pattern and the rear end is clearly visible and adds a nice touch.  The underside of this model also offers a lot of detail as well.  I would highly recommend this model to any one looking for a solid well built dump truck.  This rugged model would look good on the shelf or in the sand pit and would feel at home in either location.