John Deere 4410 Tractor with Rotary Cutter

The 1/16 scale John Deere 4410 Tractor from Ertl looks nice in the box or up on the shelf.  This is a good representation of the original and would look nice as part of a collection of smaller John Deere pieces.  The paint and detail are accurate as well as the placement of all the lights.  The side view offers the best look for this model.  It clearly shows the large mower deck and extra large rear tires.  The step on the deck platform was a nice detail as well. 









If you plan on giving this lawn tractor to a youngster please be careful.  While the tractor looks sturdy and durable it will not hold up under even moderate conditions.  The mower deck pops off easily and the roll bar is not very sturdy either.  Overall this is a piece that demands prudence before you buy.  While the price tag is low and the detail is pretty good there are other tractors out there that might be a wiser choice especially if you have a youngster in mind.