John Deere 824J Log Loader











The 824J John Deere Log Loader in the 1/50 scale is a work horse of a loader.   The loader easily holds the logs supplied with the model and does not tip at all no matter what the position of the logs is.  The balance demonstrated for such a small model was incredible.  The Rockland fork design opens easily and holds the logs firmly in place as well.  The pistons on the loader arms work in tandem and offer a nice steady draw as well.


The front end moves easily and without any hesitation.  This machine will hold any position that you put it in.  The 824j is just another in a long line of logging tractors produced by John Deere.  Ertyl has taken the original and produced a 1/50 scale model worthy of the John Deere name.  If you are looking to pick something special up for the collector or need a dependable toy for a younger enthusiast then this is certainly worth purchasing.