John Deere 872D

The John Deere 872D grader by ERTL has many fine details as well as many moving parts. The blade on the grader pivots almost 180’ to allow for extreme earth movement with the blade. The rear wheels pivot up and down on the single axle just like the real thing and the pistons on the front end move back and forth as well. That is only the moving parts on the under carriage. This model includes a rake which drops down using a piston system in the rear of the machine as well.

The only doors that open on the body are the rear doors exposing the massive radiators which left me a little disappointed. I was hoping the cab doors would slide open and expose the well detailed interior. The seat and steering wheel give a realistic appearance and the foot petals are clearly visible too. The steps and hand rail give this model the look and feel of the real thing. The machine articulates in the middle and the John Deere decals are perfectly placed and prominently displayed. The horizontal piston across the grader body is fully functioning on this model as well. Overall this is a very nice scale model and includes enough detail to keep even a John Deere enthusiast happy.