Kids love playing with remote controlled toys. And the 24" John Deere RC Tractor should not disappoint. The RC tractor toy is a little over a foot tall and two feet long. Kids should appreciate how realistic it seems from its working lights to its engine noises. This cool RC toy is available from John Deere Gifts for $129.99 online.

Features opening hood, grille and engine sound; articulated steering; working headlights, cab lights and back lights; opening cab door to reveal detailed interior. Highly-detailed full-function radio control. Eight large wheels with articulated steering and with 3 separate speeds

The verdict on this John Deere RC Tractor is:

If you are not sure you want to enter the RC world, or have a limited budget, this is the tractor for you. It’s fast enough to have fun with but easy to drive. It can take a bashing, it does not look or feel like a toy. Overall this is a GREAT little tractor. I would have no shame showing up a the local baseball field with the other small scale rc's and jump right in and have a blast…