The John Deere 624J

The John Deere 624J by ERTL is well put together and contains a lot of fine detail. What first catches your eye is the functioning hydraulics on the large bucket. Not only does the bucket swing up and down with precision it also moves back to front just as smooth. Moving back on this machine the articulation is handled by a matching pair of pistons and the fuel fill is visible as well. The doors to the cab do not open on this model either which again was a little disappointing. The interior is rather ordinary on this particular model.

What is really nice about this loader is that all six doors in the back open up to expose the engine and hydraulics.

The see-through engine compartment sheds some light on the engine details which otherwise would be impossible to view. The fold out radiator complete with visible cap is nice as is the lift up rear hatch. The tires and axle are of a single piece design and add a rugged look to this model. I was pleasantly pleased with the amount of detail that the designers made available on this model at so small a scale.