Muscle Car Garage
1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Convertible - Hugger Orange
Production Quantity: 2,004 units
Opening Doors and Hood
Detailed Engine
Real Rubber Tires
Sequentially Numbered
Officially Licensed by General Motors














Greenlight’s muscle car garage line has produced an excellent rendition of the 396 Camaro SS. The vinyl interior has plenty of detail including back seat passenger ash trays. When was the last time you saw those in a car? The dash shifter and gauges are all in proportion and fit nicely in this car. The bow tie emblem on the steering wheel is clearly visible as well the signature Camaro signature on the passenger side dash panel.



















The hood lines and wind shield angle are very nice on this car. You can almost imagine climbing behind the wheel to head out to the drive-in for a night with your girl friend. The painted plastic wiper blades look like an extension of the chrome around the windshield and take a little away from its overall appeal. The flip up visors add a nice touch and the stowed away convertible top is well done too.
















The engine is simple and fills the entire front of the car just as it did when it came of the line at the factory. Not a lot of gadgets or gizmos just pure clean power which made the 396 a staple of the GM muscle cars. The decal on the air cleaner is a nice touch along with the original flag emblem as well.



























The lights, grill, decals, and rear end are all well done. The car sits nice and straight and the turning radius on the front wheels was surprisingly large as well as smooth. Some of us still like to play with our toys. The deep dish rims looked nice and polished and the white letter tires looked good as well. The rear fill gas tank is a thing of the past so new collectors will not find a gas fill visible on this model. GreenLight used more metal in this model so the car has a weighty feel to it when you pick it up to examine it. Overall I liked this car and would recommend it to anyone who misses the hot summer nights cruising with the top down.



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