Pace Car Garage
2007 Corvette Z06 Daytona 500 Pace Car

Release Date: July 2007
Production Quantity: TBD
*Opening Doors, Hood and Rear Deck Lid
*Real Rubber Tires
*Official Race Logos
*Officially Licensed by Chevrolet and the Daytona International Speedway



















Green light’s racing series is a nice edition to the collector car series. It gives  collectors an opportunity to obtain limited edition cars that were used at the Great American Race. The logo design and paint are very good on this particular car. The red white and blue enhance the patriotic nature of this race. The stripes matched up nicely along the door frames, although the base white had a nick or two.
The engine compartment was small and compact in this model although the hood tilted farther forward for greater viewer access. The all plastic engine was okay but as you all know I like more detail when it comes to looking under the hood. In the future a few more details and less black plastic would be nice for these racing models





















After being disappointed by the under hood detail I was pleasantly surprised by the interior. The door panels, seats, and instrumentation are all included and contain a lot of detail. This interior compares favorably to the 2006 Z06 produced by the Franklin Mint. It appears attention to detail was saved for the interior of this Vette.
















The body shots of the exterior of the car provide the viewer with a real sense of the car. It looks like it just came of the track and is ready for your driveway. From all the different angles you can see the engineers work and the authenticity of the model. I especially liked the close up side angle picture showing off the paint and race logo. Overall this is a nice collector car especially if you are into racing.




















Thank you Greenlight for the cars to review...

Thank you Bob for your input on this car...