1971 Indianapolis 500 Pace 1:18th Car

Dodge Challenger


The 1971 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car- Dodge Challenger produced by Greenlight for their Pace Car Garage series is well worth a look.  The factory did not produce the cars for this race which meant they were stock models taken from the inventory of the local dealers. The car has the flat hood complete with hood pins and was made available in the Hemi Orange with a white interior. The racing decals were added by the dealers as well. 


This model is well put together and very sturdy.  The doors, hood, and trunk all open smoothly on nice large hinges and stay open without any effort.  The paint and decals on the outside make this car stand out in a crowd.  They are clear and easy to read and the decals are nice and straight as well.  The orange and white with black accent coloring enhances the appeal of this car.


The interior contains vinyl seats which was standard on most models.  One thing that Greenlight added to this car was velvet carpeting which you do not often find on models in this price range.  It is a small detail but it adds to the look of this car especially since it is a convertible.  The dash is original with all the proper gauges and controls and it maintains the simple look of the cars of the 1970’s.  The automatic shifter is mounted on the center console and keeps with the original look of this car.  The designers included all four sets of seat belts and then draped them over the seats taking away from the stylish look of the interior.  The belts could have been a little smaller in scale.


Under the hood the designers put in the 383 Magnum engine which was one of two 383’s used in the original 50 pace cars.  The hoses and wires are laid out nicely and the level of engine detail is fair for cars in this price range.  The all orange engine sitting inside the same color engine compartment makes it kind of melt into the background.  The hood closes snugly over the pins and does not scrape at all.


Greenlight has produced another car in their Pace Car Series that warrants a look from collectors.  This is a nice solid car with good looks and a unique history.  The 1971 Indianapolis 500 Dodge Challenger was the first pace car to crash during the race leaving it a dubious legacy.  If you are in the market for a gift for a young collector, or just want to add a car to your collection without breaking the bank then this is the car for you.