Primary Series: IndyCar
Team: Andretti Green Racing
Chassis: Dallara
Engine: Honda
Tires: Firestone
Danica Patrick
Born: 03/25/1982
Hometown: Roscoe, Ill.
Resides: Phoenix, Ariz.
Primary Sponsor: Motorola/Argent/XM



Greenlight has sent me their newest 1:18th Scale representation of Danica Patricks/Andretti Green racing IRL car.










IndyCar Series
1:18 2007 Danica Patrick - Andretti Green Racing
*Die-Cast Metal Body and Chassis
*Real Rubber Tires
*Custom Designed Packaging
*Sequentially Numbered Metal Base
*Officially Licensed by the Indy Racing League and Andretti





This is a fine looking car, the printing of the sponsor decals is of very high quality. I truly like the fit and finish of this car, specifically, the smooth transitions of the body panels. There are no awkward gaps or inconsistencies in the body shell. 


Indy Racing League Car Specifications

Engine Size: 214 cubic inches (3.5 liters)
Maximum Number of Cylinders: 8
Maximum RPM: 8,700 (with rev limiter)
Horsepower: Approximately 450
Turbocharging: Forbidden

Wheel Size (front): 15" diameter, 11.2" wide
Wheel Size (rear): 15" diameter, 15" wide
Tire Size (front): 26" max., 25" min. @ 35psi
Tire Size (rear): 27.5" max., 26.5" min. @ 35psi
Minimum Weight (front): 13.48 pounds
Minimum Weight (rear): 14.70 pounds

Minimum Car Weight: 1,550 pounds
Maximum Car Height: 38 inches
Maximum Car Width: 78.5 inches
Fuel: 108, High Octane
Forward Gears: 6











The tires not only have a realistic look, they also have a realistic feel.











I like the small details, like the correct number of rivets in the rear wing. This representation of Danica Patricks /Andretti Green racing Dallara has the single-element wing configuration.  The single-element wing consists of a main plane with no flaps. There are no restrictions on the angle of the main plane. This configuration is used only at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I am sure this configuration was chosen by Greenlight, to stay with their Indianapolis roots.







I feel Greenlight has done a tremendous job on recreating every aspect of this car. The colors and sponsors logos are spot on as the original.











Sequentially numbered metal bases on memorabilia, is always a good sign if your a collector. This insures you that there are not a million of these out there.








The front wing also shows a high level of detail. The nosecone and front wing are intergraded seamlessly. Dallara would be proud of Greenlights reproduction of his chassis.
Again, I like the small detail in a diecast. I feel this shows thought in the concept and a certain amount of love for what you do. Although this is not the quality or the detail level of a Carousel or an Exoto diecast, Greenlight has added details that some others would overlook. You can see some of this level in the rear of this car. I was pleased to see the high level of detail in the transmission area. What I would really like to see on one of Greenlights cars is a removable engine cover, would it not be great to see a fully detailed motor compartment in this car?   



Overall, I would give Greenlights car high marks on fit, finish and true to life outward appearance. I also see room for improvements, like an opening rear engine cover, along with a more realistic looking cockpit/ steering wheel.

I would like to thank Greenlight for the opportunity to review their fine car.


With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols