#8064 Sauber Mercedes C9 (#61) 1988 Le Mans









The motor and the attention to detail are by far the best part of this car.  The motor is richly detailed in both color and authenticity. 


HPI's latest group of hyper-detailed 1:43 scale die-cast model cars features the Le Mans-winning Sauber Mercedes C9 race car in accurate racing livery for discerning model car collectors!

The C9 was the result of teamwork between the Sauber racing team, who built the chassis, and Mercedes-Benz, who manufactured the 5.0-litre turbocharged V8 engine. The first season of World Sports Car Championship racing ended in disappointment with a twelfth place finish after scoring in only one race. Neither of the team's two cars were able to finish the famous Le Mans 24hr endurance race, and the team resolved to improve their luck in the following year's race. The second racing season, in 1988, brought five points-scoring finishes and second place in the championship but again the team was forced to prematurely end their Le Mans race effort.

For the 1989 World Sports Car Championship season, Mercedes-Benz improved the engine further and the entire team set their sites on success for the championship and at Le Mans. Their focus was rewarded with wins at all but one race in the WSCC series, and after two disappointing attempts at Le Mans, the #63 Sauber C9 won the 1989 Le Mans 24hr race with drivers Jochen Mass, Manuel Reuter and Stanley Dickens. During qualifying, the C9 broke the top speed record for the Mulsanne Straight during qualifying by reaching 400 kmh (248mph), a record which stood until the following year. These fabulously high top speeds were the reason two chicanes were installed for the 1991 race, forever setting the C9's speed as the second fastest ever in the history of endurance racing.



Very nicely crafted in 1:43 scale by HPI, this is the 1988 Sauber Mercedes C9 as driven at LeMans by Baldi, Weaver, and Mass. HPI Racing, known world wide for their superior R/C products, now enters the very competitive 1:43 scale die cast market. With desirable and interesting subject matter, along with impressive detail and accuracy,
The doors of this car do not open, but still this car has a fully painted and detailed interior, complete with a roll cage, racing seat, fire extinguisher, steering wheel, and dashboard this shows a commitment to Precision, how many other die cast manufactures go to such lengths. For a sealed body car of this scale this is a lot of detail to add for the few of us who will open the car up. Thank you HPI.








The engine and underside of this car are extremely well detailed and to scale as well. The plumbing of the fuel cell and fuel pumps are almost perfect. The coloring of the fittings and the foe steel webbed fuel lines are phenomenonal. HPI even replicated the welds to an outstanding degree.


 The paint and even the sponsor logos are color-matched for exact scale


Just a great looking car from any angle. You could not ask for a better looking, more highly detailed or of better quality then you would find in this car. I would say for any race fan this is a must have.


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Incredible attention has been paid to make the cars as true to scale as possible. Fine exterior details like disc brakes, brake calipers, mirrors, wing, exhaust,  tow hooks and radio antennae combine to make the models extremely realistic.
The Case Score;
The Case is so good it has flaws, if you can understand that. It seals so tight, opening tends to be Problematic. I almost dropped this car taking it out of the case...To is good point it will always be dust free.