If there was a J.D. Power and Associates Award for a great entry level  RC car, this would win it hands down......






The E10 from HPI Racing is an entry level 1/10th scale electric car designed for fun driving with realistic looks and performance, all at a low price. The E10 was designed so anyone can take the wheel and give it a try! The Assembled version comes with a fully painted body and a preassembled chassis, but eliminates the radio system, battery and charger so the owners can use their own equipment or purchase custom electronics not available in the RTR version. The RTR version arrives ready to run right out of the box with a fully painted body and a preassembled chassis, it's a simple matter of ‘charge and go' for hours of fun.






The E10 is a four-wheel drive, factory-assembled, fully prepared 1/10th scale street car from the same world-renowned HPI design team that is famous for user friendliness, racer appeal and usability. Aimed squarely at the new or casual RC car hobbyist,

The E10 is HPI's Entry Level Chassis.

If you’re expecting an Ultra fast car to make the A main with, then it will disappoint you. But if you are looking for an entry level car that’s buckets of fun, you found it.







This car SCREEMS sexy and fast




Ok, I borrowed this photo from HPI Japan; it shows the E10’s ability swap motor placement. If you are running it as a touring car you put the motor in the rear, great weight balance. Ok were are done with touring, now we want to drift, so swap the motor to the front and throw on some Homemade Polypipe Tyres and BAM a great drifting car.







TF-1 AM Radio System

7.2V Rechargeable Battery
And Charger every thing you need to run, although a 2Hr charger would have been better







The E10 has the same great high quality independent suspension and true full-time 4WD shaft-driven enclosed drive train system as the TTO1 and the Associated Tc4 it also has a High Torque Saturn 27T 540 Motor. This is a must have car for the RC beginners you know and love. Extra large front bumpers are made of high quality shock-absorbing foam so when you hit those pesky obstacles or have a miscalculation around a corner you won't destroy your new E10 or kill the fun of your racing experience.
Thank you HPI for making a GREAT car and most of all letting me test it....

Franklin Nichols 












What's in the box?

Painted & Trimmed Body
Adjustable Body Mounts
Quick Change Battery Holder
Shaft Drive 4WD System
Shock Absorbing Foam Bumper
High Torque Saturn 27T 540 Motor
7.2V Rechargeable Battery
AC Charger
TF-1 AM Radio System with RF-1 Receiver and SF-1 Steering Servo
EN-1 Electronic Speed Control with Reverse
Chrome Gram Lights 57S-Pro Wheels

Length: 14.8” (375mm)
Width: Adjustable 7.32”, 7.56”, 7.80” (186, 192, 198mm)
Wheelbase: 10” (255mm)
Weight: 2.8lbs. w/o body (1280g)
Drive System: Shaft Drive 4WD
Drive Ratio: 7.48:1








Go fast parts, a sampling...........


Like I said in the beginning of this article, this is an entry level car. But can it be raced? Now is it race worthy...?  HPI offers a full line of hop-up parts and go fast parts, but if your intensions are to go head to head with TC5’s and the Xrays on the track this is not the car. When I started in touring cars I spent a bucket load of money on a car and still could not finish a race, and to top it all off it cost me big dollars in replacement parts every time I raced due to my poor racing. I asked the guy who made it to the A main every time how he did it, his answer was simple “you have to finish first to finish first” and the “cheapest hop up part is practice”. So if you want to get into RC touring car racing this is a great car to start with, after you practice and become comfortable with the car you start to add the go fast parts, and when your abilities get even better you take the next step in cars. But you have to learn to walk before you run…………    








These are a great upgrade, If you are running on a fairly smooth track, then you don’t need as much shock travel as if you were running on a bumpy track you can quickly adjust spring tension with the threaded nuts .



This is the optional Center Drive Shaft for the HPI E10 Vehicles.
            Installs between front and rear gear differentials.
This is the optional Center Drive Shaft for the HPI E10 Vehicles. Installs between front and rear gear differentials.

With dramatically less flex and a low rotating weight you'll see longer runtimes and more speed from your E10. It's built to exact HPI factory specifications for a perfect “bolt-in” fit.













Universal Drive Shafts for improved efficiency, smoother suspension movement, and less maintenance. These universal drive shafts replace the stock nylon dogbones with machined steel for extra durability.