A work of art in 1/43 Scale.






MARTINI RACING. A name that brings memories, passion, victories but also defeats, feelings, finishing lines, dust, suffering, joy. A name that entered by force in the history of rallies, but especially in the heart of the impassioned. It is practically automatic to associate the MARTINI RACING to the LANCIA, because it is with this brand that the Italian team won everything, arriving up to where nobody still today arrived. To think about the enterprises of great drivers and of histories rich in charm and glory it almost brings to the emotion. It is not possible to stay impassive to the thought of what were able to do drivers of the caliber of MIKY BIASION, MARRKU ALEN, JUHA KANKKUNEN, winning with the national team, such as ATTILIO BETTEGA, HENRI TOIVONEN and SERGIO CRESTO that, with the MARTINI RACING helmet and overall continued their race on the endless roads of the sky.




1983 is a year of triumphs. The competition is hard and it is for this reason that the final victory has a sweeter taste. MARTINI RACING begins the season at the best with two historical victories at the MONTECARLO. ROEHRL and ALEN sonorously beat up the "panzer" of AUDI preparing the road for the title that punctually arrives at the RALLY DI SANREMO with an all Italian victory and the LANCIA-MARTINI on the roof of the world. It seems indeed a fable.









Centre-rear longitudinally mounted, four cylinders in line, bore 85 mm, stroke 93 mm, 2111 cc, compression ratio 9:1. Max. torque at 34 mKg at 5500 rpm. Max. power from 310 to 325 bhp at 8000 rpm.





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This car has a fully painted and detailed interior, complete with a roll cage, racing seat, fire extinguisher, steering wheel, and dashboard. Engine detail includes the full cylinder block, exhaust system, supercharger, radiators, oil coolers and more! This is truly a breathtaking car





Incredible attention has been paid to make the cars as true to scale as possible. Fine exterior details like disc brakes, brake calipers, mirrors, wings, exhaust, headlights, mirrors, tow hooks and radio antennae combine to make the models extremely realistic. The paint and even the sponsor logos are color-matched for exact scale representation.




The Real Motor.....














I truly impressed that this much detail and thought could go into such a small package. This car literally looks so real, like you could tighten your harness and press the Ignition button and blast trough the woods.
I am totally impressed, Good job HPI, this is a must have.....
Thank you HPI for this car to review.

With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols














CAR BODY :In glass-reinforced self-extinguishing polyester resin.
Car weight: Kg. 980 when racing. Some car arrive to Kg. 960
Dimensions: Lenghth mm. 3890 - Width mm. 1850 - Height mm. 1240 - Wheelbase mm. 2240



The car has to be taken apart to see this detail. What effort and detail for something most will never see. Again I am IMPRESSED