Model 8042

The SkyTrak model 8042 all-wheel steer telehandler has more of what you need to meet your demanding job requirements. Features include:

  • an impressive 8,000-pound capacity for heavy loads, the Stabil-Trak stability system for improved operator confidence, and optional attachments to handle a wide range of duties on the job.

  • 8,000 lb (3,629 kg) capacity

  • Up to 42 ft (12.8 m) lift height

  • Sealed bearings extend service intervals, lower maintenance costs

  • Re-designed cab for improved operator comfort and safety

  • 4-speed modulated transmission combined with high performance axles for increased production and maneuverability

  • Stabil-Trak stability system increases operator comfort

  • Machine design eliminates the need for liquid filled tires

  • Variety of attachments for added versatility











What can I say about this product, it's cool! a finely crafted replica of the real SkyTrack. Impressive is an understatement! The lift and lock system throughout enables it to hold a slot car on the forks fully extended. did I forget to mention this fully extended is a staggering 19 3/4 inches (A 1/32 scale 42 foot boom). This is fully replicated down to the smallest detail. On each axel there is a Hydraulic leveling ram. It will hold when in place, in the photo below the rear axel ram is leveling and holding, while the forks are full of slot car.


















I have very few wish list items for this diecast. The boom open and closes with a fair amount of effort. I believe that is due to the lift and lock feature; I would change that to a smoother action. I feel though the smother action would limit or hinder the current capabilities.  I would like to see a working boom tilt angle gauge; not needed, just would be an interesting tidbit to show off. I would love to see the boom head equipped with a quick coupler adapter to allow work tool/attachment changes, and a line of work tool/attachments to be included.

Four wheel steering, highly detailed cab. Access doors have a realist look to them although they are non-functioning. The long hydraulic rams slide in and out with flawless ease. The tampo printing has a high level of clarity and crispness. The underside also carries this level of detail. the knuckles are highly detailed, even the steering rams are plumed.  





























This is a must have for any diecast construction equipment collector. I see this being used on slot car tracks in many ways: removing a F1 car from the track, as you see on TV. construction sites, rehabs., lifting goods to the top of buildings and numerous other ways.

Any way you look at it this is a must have, a brilliant addition to any diorama or collectors shelf.

With Kind Regards,
Franklin Nichols