Two Cars, Friday night and a stop light, Sound familiar? These two 1/32 die-cast can bring you back to that time













These cars are great! I hate to sound like a kid in a candy store but when I opened the box I went WOW! For their price point they are an excellent value. I went to Wally world to look at cars in the same price range, there is no comparison.


There is just something about American muscle cars, yes just like Porsche and Ferrari these cars can be spotted a mile away and are in a class by themselves.  American muscle is like no other, its styling, its stance sets it apart from any other car ever made. These cars look fast sitting still! when you hear them come down the street you know what they are.


The paint, the fit are all great. Interior detailing is far above a car you find at this price. More than not cars in this price range look toyish, and feel cheap, not these.






The rims on the Mustang would not be my selection; I would have rather seen rims more like the Camaros. also, on both cars I would have liked to see a sport steering wheel. The color chosen, fit these cars to the tee. I would have personally chosen the same colors. Both of these cars look like they were done in the style of “Foose” and bear a resemblance to the 2007 Foose Mustang.
Overall I have very few complaints about these cars, they are a SUPER value for the price. I would have no problems recommending them to any one.

With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols