Check out the pictures and you will be surprised by the superb details of this car!!





The details of this diecast model are incredible!!   Highly detailed interior with realistic dashboard,  opening doors.  The body of this replica is fully painted, absolutely no logo stickers!  This replica is true-to-scale and very realistic. 










The Chrome steering wheel was the only put off for me, but I deal with it for the rest of the package




They look fast Just sittin still. The rims and the stance they gave these cars , Just COOL





These cars tantalizes your eyes and brings you to the new era of muscle cars and horsepower.  The cars lines are clean and straight and it has the balanced stance .  The paint and chrome work are excellent. It is hard to believe that they are only 1:32 scale diecast







The enlarged wheel wells look good and are very one off. The chrome tail pipes heighten the overall look of these die-cast. The stance of these Dodges and the oversized rims makes these cars just mean looking. What a cool look for your diorama car show, or your favorite young person’s shelf.

I would buy this one

Frank N