Kyosho Mini Inferno 1/16 Scale Racing RC Buggy



Let me tell you right from the beginning of this review, this is one kick butt RC. I thought  the Associated 18T had no comparison in the off road mirco world, then I found this car. It’s agile and fast, even for a battery pack powered car, and a blast to drive.














It’s rear suspension has great geometry. The front suspension has a very aggressive stance and looks like it could soak up most anything you throw at it. This is put together like its full size counterpart, built to handle anything. Now compare photos, it looks like Honey, I shrunk my 1/8 scale…Your going to have that feeling looking at this truck everywhere.







1:8th scale counterpart

Looks the same to me....












Now the center differential, it too looks it was ripped out of an 1/8th scale and shrunk and put in this car, and it has that much adjustability too..The motor is a different story, it is a 1/18 scale motor on steroids, is fatter and longer then an 18T’s motor and has lots of torque, it throws up lots of stones up in our driveway, much to my wife’s dismay.









The electronics, here is the perceived week point in my mind.  The front servo is a non-standard 4 wire servo greatly reducing the replacement options. The receiver/ESC is an integrated unit. The front servo saver is not the strongest in the world, but the belcrank setup should protect it from any harm.









The battery back/holder or whatever it’s called, is a two piece unit and it sits on both sides of the chassis. This is great for weight distribution. Although I am not a fan of aa power, MaxAmps makes a 8 cell unit that will upgrade this nicely. I am sure to order it, and soon.





Great off road car, Perfect shrink of the 8th scale


AA battery Powered
Saddle Pack wiring, well it’s just a pain.






One Kick butt little runner. This is a must own of any true off roader. This has upgradable written all over it. This will handle any coarse you make for it, it will beg to be abused and love when you’re doing it. Find your local dealer and get one for your self today….

With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols
























What are the specifications of the Mini-Inferno?
(As seen on the Kyosho Web Site and the video shown in Hobby Shops)
Battery / No. 71951 Half-Eight SP Battery Set
Motor / No. IHW13 X-SPEED Mini-Inferno SP Motor
Shocks / IHW14 Mini-Inferno Oil Shock Set (Front), IHW15 Mini-Inferno Oil Shock Set (Rear)

 What its maximum speed?
6-Cell Battery + Normal Motor - Maximum speed of 21 km/h
6-Cell battery + Optional Motor - Maximum Speed of 23 km/h (not recommended due to increased power consumption)
Half-Eight SP Battery (8-Cell) + Normal Motor - Maximum speed of 28km/h
Half-Eight SP Battery (8-Cell) + Optional Motor - Maximum speed of 34km/h