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Famous actor & racer Paul Newman co-drove this gorgeous Ferrari in the 1977 Rolex 24-hour race at Daytona. This equally beautiful 1/18 replica is now faithfully reproduced by KYOSHO.

The details of this diecast replica are incredible!! Features include detailed interior with turning steering wheel, working suspension, realistic dashboard, highly detailed engine compartment, opening doors, hood and trunk. The body of this replica is fully Tampo printed.


The level of detail in this car is outstanding! Look at the stitching in the center consul, clear, precise and very evenly spaced. The level of the seat detail is also very detailed, down to the wrinkles in the leather seats. 







The driver cockpit detailing is mind boggling! The gauges  are clear and readable. All safety warning lights are labeled. I rarely see detail of this level. This is beyond all expectations I could of ever had. The prancing horse on the steering wheel would even make Enzo proud.






Even details that are hidden, are done to a high standard. The finning on the radiator feel and looks real. 


This is probably the most detailed motor I have ever seen. The effort KYOSHO put into this shows, great show KYOSHO! 



Every strap, buckle and tie down through out this car are highly detailed.  Cars of this level are few and far between.

KYOSHO made a car that is a wonder and a joy to explore.











Look at the cable ties in the plug wires, evenly spaced and they have a realistic feel to them.


The window slides with ease.


Engine-wise, the Series I Competizione's used a fundamentally unaltered 4.4-litre Tipo 251 60 V12 to Ferrari's stock Daytona, the most important upgrades having been an increase in compression (from 8.8:1 to 9.3:1), hotter Weber 40 DCN 21 carburetors with velocity stacks and an aluminium cold air box. Consequently, output officially rose by just 10bhp (to 362bhp at 7700rpm) although considering their especially careful preparation, we think somewhere in the region of 380bhp would probably have been a more realistic rating. This combined with the removal of an amazing 400kg meant these factory-built hot rods were blisteringly fast despite their prodigious size.
















Just a great looking car from any angle. You could not ask for a better looking, more highly detailed or of better quality then you would find in this car. I would say for any race fan this is a must have.


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The plumbing of the fuel cell and fuel pumps are almost perfect. The coloring of the fittings and the foe steel webbed fuel lines are phenomenonal. KYOSHO even replicated the welds to an outstanding degree.






Chassis   Number  #14437

1971  Sold new to Georges Filipinetti for Scuderia Filipinetti

         Tour de France (Elford / Kingsland) 4th overall
1972  Le Mans 24 Hours (Cheneviere / Vetsch / Pillion) DNF
1977  Sold to Paul Newman  Daytona 24 Hours

         (Newman / Mintner / Forbes-Robinson) 5th overall, 3rd in GTO class



The grill is real metal in the air intakes, and the radiator air inlet
The underside is not as detailed, it lacks depth and the realist feel of the rest of the car. I would and I am sure you would, like to see the same level of detail as found throughout the other areas of the car.