Losi, an industry leader in the design and development of RC cars has another little vehicle to add to its lineup. If you thought the Mini T was a fun little truck wait until you see this. It looks like the Mini T, but it is only 1/36 scale. Losi cars this truck the Micro T, and with a fully functioning RC vehicle with 4 wheel independent off-road suspension this is about as small as you can get.

We had two separate people  drive and review this truck and here is what they have to say:






F: This a neat little truck, at first I was scared to run it like an off-roader, that feeling passed quickly.

M: The size of the truck is amazingly small and at first glance you really don’t expect too much from such a little package. But the first time I tossed it down and hit the trigger, it felt like I was back racing 1/10 scale trucks on the local off-road track.














F: The truck wheeled every time you even touched the throttle and the overall speed and tendency to be light on the front made it very hard to control.

M: I’ll agree with Frank on this one, the truck does tend to wheelie. First time I ran it I was on my kitchen floor. I never would have guessed this truck, or any for that matter, could have done a wheel stand for 8’ across my entire kitchen. This also was my first test of the ruggedness of the truck as the truck met the wall about a foot later. The good news is with some work on the slipper and by changing gear ratios I was able to control the wheelies.

F: I had a real problem with the entire battery system in the vehicle. The battery connectors broke the 1st time I ran the car and went for a recharge. This is unacceptable in a hobby quality truck. If this car were a $7 toy maybe I would expect some quality issues, but coming from Losi, I did not expect to have this kind of problem.

M: My only concern with the battery system was the need for so many batteries to run the car. I like the idea of being able to travel with the car and not needing AC power, but using batteries as the only charging method I think is a mistake. A simple AC charger to use, while around AC power, would certainly cut down on costs.

F: The truck had great grip on the wooden deck and was a blast to drift with on the kitchen floor. A problem though was where can you run it? There seems to be more places you cannot run it then where you can, the instructions say, no plush carpets, no grass, and no sand.

M: Well, you know I don’t read instructions all the time, and when I do I may not listen, but given the size of this truck I would recommend staying off the carpets, or if you choose to run on them, be ready to take the rear axle assembly apart to clean off the lint around the axles. Grass isn’t a good idea as most lawns are taller than this truck, but sand? I didn’t understand that one. So I took this truck to the ball field where I run my 1/10 scales and boy it was a blast. The field is dirt, clay, and sand, and this truck handled them all. To see this truck scream along at 10 mph or so was awesome. It even handled some of the larger ruts better than I thought.

F: Given the size and possible problems I would not recommend this truck for any one under 12years old, and would only buy it from a reputable hobby shop, where you know someone.

M: Frank is just mad because he broke it. But in honesty if this is your first hobby grade RC vehicle it is a good idea to buy at a hobby store where someone can help you if you have problems.

So there you have it a good little truck that is really fast and fun to drive. From the time we opened the box to the time we were running took less than 30 minutes. The radio that Losi uses is a nice size for both young and old and has the necessary adjustments at easy to reach locations. The truck doesn’t have the best shocks but you really aren’t dealing with enough weight to worry about anything better.



























Product Specifications
Type: 2WD Stadium Truck RTR
Scale: 1/36
Length: 4.5 in (114mm)
Width: 3.5 in (89mm)
Wheelbase: 3 in (76mm)
Weight: 3.4 oz (96g)
Chassis: Composite tub
Suspension: Independent




Just like the 1/10-scale Triple-XT, the Mini-T has a molded, semi-tub chassis. The electronics sit in the middle of the chassis, and the 4-cell NiMH battery sits just underneath the combo ESC/receiver unit. The battery can be accessed from underneath the chassis.
The body is the same body as the Mini-T's just shrunk in half. The trucks one-piece, yellow dish wheels look very similar to the ones on 1/10-scale Team Losi trucks. And the tires look like great miniatures of the 1/10 scale versions.



Drive Train: 3-gear transmission w/gear diff and slipper
Tire Type: rubber multi-pin rear/ribbed front
Motor or Engine: Micro Electric
Speed Control: Electronic, Fully Proportional Forward/Reverse
Radio: 27MHZ AM Pistol
Servos: Sub-micro
Batteries: 4.8v, 150MAH NiMH (included)
Charger: Peak (included)
Wheel Size: 0.75 in (19mm) diameter
Shock Type: Coil-Over Friction Dampers
Body: Factory-decorated Stadium Truck
Ball Bearings: BB-Equipped Transmission




F: Overall I cannot give this truck a high rating, maybe I was soured by the whole connector bit. I like the idea, would like to see it more developed and brought back in a different form. The good news is at iHobby I saw their new truck, the desert truck, with a longer wheel base and new electronics; I might have to have one of them.

M: I liked this truck. It is very fast for its size and is rugged enough to stand up to my abuse. It is hard to handle until it is setup just right and a first time buyer will struggle to get it that way. But I you have been around RC vehicles before and would like to move your racing indoors for the winter, or don’t have room for a big track in the yard this truck can have some great races around the family room or the garden.
























Small enough so the kitchen floor can be a great raceway
The tires are awesome for their size
Cost, very affordable $80
Overall Looks

Batter connectors, broke 1st day
The number batteries needed, needs to have AC charger
Power Curve, needs to have flatter curve, wheelies too much
The tires should have a nut to hold them on, makes it easy for everyone to change them. Current “e” clip is extremely hard to handle.





With kind regards,

Franklin Nichols
Mike Gibbs