The Age of Land Yachts

1951 Crestliner.

The Crestliner is a car most die-cast company's would not have made, with only a two year run and only about 26,000 sold in that time.  it Would not be on the top of most toy makers list. Motormint did reproduce this car in a good quality die-cast. The paint is smooth and well done, the chrome is also a very good reproduction of the original look. On this model the doors, hood and trunk functioned rather well, and the interior was spot on. If I had to find fault with this car, and in this one it was hard to do, it would have to be the hood ornament because it seemed to fall off every time I handled the car. however, this was fixed simply with a dab of modeling glue. Other than that I loved this car, if you have a hot-rod theme or an Americana theme on your layout this would be a fine addition to it. I will give this one a nine out of ten.


Year: 1951

Model: Crestline

Price: $1,594.00

Weight: 3064 LBS

Cylinders: 6, L-Head

Displacement: 226 CUI 3.7L

Horsepower : 95 BHP

Block : Cast Iron

Transmission : 3 speed Manual

Doors : 2

Dimensions : 196.401" long by 72.901" wide

Wheel Base 114.001"

Tires: 6.00 x 16