1955 Ford Thunderbird

Die-cast Features:

Opening Hood    Opening Trunk    Opening Doors    

5.5 Inches Long    1/32 Scale








The 1955 model had a removable hardtop with a 102 inch wheelbase chassis that was 175.3 inches overall, with a width of 72 inches and a height of 52 inches. Curb weight was 2833 pounds. The engine was a Mercury 292 cubic inch V-8, exclusive to the Thunderbird line, which had 198 horsepower with the automatic and 193 horsepower with the manual transmission. The first Thunderbird came off the Dearborn assembly line October 22, 1954 and had at least 4,000 orders waiting on the first day of production. Over 16,000 units of the 1955 Thunderbird were ultimately sold.

The car sold for a base price of $2,695 with the convertible selling for $2,765 and was available in five colors: Thunderbird Blue, Raven Black, Snowshoe White, Goldenrod Yellow, and Torch Red. All cars had vinyl upholstery matching the exterior paint color.


1955 Thunderbird

The engines detail is superb with all the chrome you would want, and the interior has the classic look. The large white walled tires and chrome wire spoke wheels really enhance the classic look of this car. The chrome work is good, and the overall outside fit and feel are good. The door panels seem to have improper fit. This dose not  affect the overall look of the car also the hood and trunk fail to stay in the open position. This model for sheer aesthetics is great, this is not made for the fine model collectors, but for the hobbyist like us who want a fine Representation of an automobile for there diorama.

I would give this car a seven out of ten, the interior door panels detract for the overall good look of this car, but again we must look at price of $12.98 how could really complain. I would have no problem adding this to my layout,