Built Ford® Tough

1/32 Scale










MotorMint has done it again, I really don't know how they can continue to produce such fine copies of autos and trucks for such a low price.  These four trucks are good quality diecast for the price of $25. I received these in the mail and was very surprised at the look and feel of these trucks.

The interior detail is surprisingly well done for a low cost truck. Motormint makes a very good attempt to fully detail their die-cast, as shown with the photo below. this is not top level collector detail, but An Awesome value for this price point, very well done.










The planking on the chain truck had a phony look about it, it had a plastic look to it. these are rugged diecast. I think they would hold up to the riggers of an Appropriate age Childs play. I would like to see a tipping bed, or a roll off bed on this truck that would be a real nice touch. I really don't know how period correct this would be, as I researched this and all I could find is a dump truck from this era with a tilting bed.

Neat little touches like the fenders steps, the v8 emblems and of coarse the turning crank on the 1925 truck below, make these trucks!

Are they worth the $25 asking price? I think so. Although they are not fine quality diecast, you would find from higher end retailers, they also don't have the high asking price.

With Kind Regards, Frank N.