2004 Harley-Davidson® Ford F-350 Super Duty

1903 Was A Good Year
The seeds of the union between Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Ford Motor Company were planted over 100 years ago on both sides of Lake Michigan. 1903 saw the founding of both legendary companies by small groups with big ideas and little money. Today, they are the leaders in the motorcycle and automobile industries, a testament to the vision of William Harley and Henry Ford.














Ford and Harley-Davidson will extend the run of Ford Harley-Davidson F-Series trucks through 2009, which will mark 11 years since the first successful pairing of America's best-selling vehicle and the legendary motorcycle brand. The announcement was made at the State Fair of Texas, in the heart of the country's largest pickup market.
Since the first Ford Harley-Davidson F-Series was launched in the 2000 model year, more than 50,000 limited-edition trucks have been built. For 2006, Ford will offer both F-150 and Super Duty Harley-Davidson editions for the first time, bringing the number of different models offered over the years to eight.










1:18 scale Ford F-350 Harley Davison 2004 Black/orange, diecast model car sold by MotorMint. This model has opening doors, detailed interior, opening hood, detailed engine bay, opening tailgate, adjustable front wheels, workable steering, working suspension, and a great looking paint finish...










This truck has some definite strong points. The interior is very well done and the motor compartment is also a joy to look at. This truck they went the extra mile on a few areas. Like the interior dash and center console, this model carries far more detail then other diecast in the same price range.  Also you have little things that you could really miss if you were not looking, like the warnings on the battery and the radiator, these are really cool touches.

I also like the belt truck data info sticker, this is one of those small details, I researched this at the local Ford dealer and they confirmed that all labeling is correct.   







The motor has a reasonable level of detail, for a truck at this price. They went the extra mile here also.












The underside of this truck is detailed, but not as much as a top of the line diecast would be. however, it is very true to the original. again it is detailed above and beyond the finish you would expect to find at this price level.






This may not be a High end, fine die-cast collectable; what it is though, is a reasonably priced die-cast that is a great recreation of a piece of automotive artwork. I would have no problem giving this as a gift to a beginning diecast collector or to the most avid collector.

For a Ford or Harley Davison  collector this is a MUST have...










One of my Biggest disappointments in this truck was the HD Ford emblems, On the real truck they are diecast and made of high quality zinc, here they are poorly applied stickers.







I would like to thank MotorMint for shipping this to me for review. I do truly appreciate this company's vision in selling a line such as this.


With regards,

Frank N.