Freightliner 1:32 Classic XL Garbage Truck


Got Trash ?















This truck is HUGE!!!!!!!!

What layout would be complete without a garbage truck?

This is a good scale replica of a Freightliner truck. the box is smooth and would lend itself to painting fairly easily. the rims have a high shine on them, and the whole package seems very well put together. The packing is very well done, it was wire tied and screwed into place. the back opens and the dumpster lift works. Not every thing is perfect, the cab doors only open about 3/4 of an inch and the mirrors are very fragile. Besides that this is a very good piece for the diorama part of your track, and if you match it with Verlinden's 1/35 scale dumpsters and garbage cans it would be perfect. I would recommend this truck, even with it's flaws for the price of $14.95 how could you go wrong.


With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols