In Days of old when cars were bold, and smog controls were not yet invented a breed of car roamed the streets longing to let there ponies run free.

Carroll Shelby took an other wise good car and made a legend. He took a Mustang Fastback , added a fiberglass nose, louvered hood and side scoops just to make it look good, and then powered by a 428 cubic inch V-8 rated at 355hp. but actually producing more than 400. Top speed was blistering 130mph .








Motor Mint released a replica of this legend in 1/32. it's list of  features include; an opening hood, trunk and doors. The car is six inches long, fairly well detailed and true to the original car. with the door open you can see the detail that that was placed in creating this car. In the world of die-cast you can see the good the bad and the ugly, this would fall in to the good category. The paint on this car is well done the pinstripes are straight, the doors and hood are well fitting, but a large disappointment to me was the trunk would not fully open. as you can see from the picture above the engine bat is not super detailed, but carries the look of the 428 very well. I like this car very much, i would rate it at a solid 8 although it would have received a  9.5 if the trunk had opened fully. This will add a realistic look to any slot car track.

With kind regards,
Franklin Nichols