Get gas, oil and a bathroom break at Eddie's. This is a neat model of an early American icon, the full service gas station. You could get oil checked, directions to where you were going, a cold pop and oh yah gas.


This is made of dyed Plastic Resin and measures 11 Inches Long x 6.25 Inches Wide and the brick and cars are not included. It has the look of the Plasticville U.S.A diorama houses made by Bachmann Industries.









The pumps are fairly well detailed. you can read the price of gas, a lot less then I paid the other day, and the adverts are proper for the period. I truly like the detail that Motormint put into this. I would like to see the gas hoses made of a flexible tube and the nozzles removable. This addition would add an air of realism to this piece.

Ok, I would also like to see a LED kit offered for this piece, lighting up the gas pump tops, a light over the service bay would also be a real cool touch.    










Motormint added an offset back to this piece so they could add depth and an illusion of a full interior. The photo dose not do this feature justice. In the service bay it appears to have a car in for repairs, and the station looks to have fully stocked shelves.

 There are some minor flaws in this piece too, don't get me wrong, they are not noticeable from five feet away though. And again the price point that Motormint is shooting for this is a great value. The asking price at the time of this article is $19.98, for that price this is a great value.












I loved the little restroom sign and wanted to be sure that I included it....

The bricks look like the real pattern, more then I can say for many plastic buildings I have see in this price range. 















With a little creative thought and a few 1/32 cars this turns any shelf in to a pre-made diorama for viewing. I like this piece yah it has some flaws if you want a show quality diorama buildings you need to look elsewhere, But if you want a fun addition to your shelf or your track this is it.

With kind Regards, Frank.