New Ray LLC.

Item no.: 13023

Model: IVECO Stralis

TYPE: Scuderia Ferrari

1/32 Free wheel

Scuderia Ferrari is the name for the Gestione Sportiva, the division of the Ferrari automobile company concerned with racing. Though the Scuderia and Ferrari Corse Clienti continue to manage the racing activities of numerous Ferrari customers and private teams, Ferrari's racing division has completely devoted its attention and funding to its Formula One team, Scuderia Ferrari. Scuderia is Italian for "Stable", and Ferrari is Italian prancing horse, thus the prancing horse being the logo of Ferrari, so the name is liberally translated as "Stable of the Prancing Horse".

This is a nice truck; It looks very impressive on the shelf and would look great in the pits of your layout. The brilliant red paint stands out; the art work is beautifully done. The level of detail is amazing on the truck itself, the spare tire, the rotating drive shaft and the level of detail in the dash. The landing gear of the trailer seems to work as they should, it allows the truck to slide under and hook. The only disappointments in this truck were the flimsy trailer door and the non-functioning truck cab doors. But we are talking about a display piece, right?  Other than that this is would be a great addition to your layout.



Franklin Nichols