The Cat 5110B Hydraulic Excavator from Norcsot was a magnificent piece of equipment.
 The model was extremely well detailed and contained many independent working parts. Each section of hydraulics on the arm worked beautifully and did not interfere with any of the other parts at all. The hydraulic hoses were laid out perfectly and ran up and down the arms on both sides.
 The excavator was well balanced and did not tip while it was rotating 360’ with the arm extended. The cab design was open and easily visible through the large windows and the entrance walk with railings was also well designed. The metal tracks on this model worked very well although I would caution putting this model on a soft wood surface as the tracks may damage the wood due to the tread design and weight of the model. The Cat 5110B is one of the larger excavators produce by CAT and this model certainly shows off the size power of the real deal.
 For any person who collects construction equipment this model should certainly become and integral part of that collection.