The Schuco Company has been producing toys since 1912 when Heinrich Müller founded the Schreyer & Co. toy company together with businessman, Heinrich Schreyer. In the beginning, production was limited to felt and soft toys.






The Tampo printing is aligned very well and very true to the real car in color and level of detail. The printing is also very easy to read; even the smallest sponsor logo is clear and legible.  These would be a perfect fit on any track layout as diorama pieces. The complaint I have with these cars is the total lack of detail in the undercarriage of the cars. This feature alone drops the cars from potential collectors to diorama items instantly. I would love to see these cars released with a fully detailed undercarriage. This company did everything right up to this point. the Tampo printing is spot on, the interior again spot on, the level of detail in the steering brakes on the rally cars and the stereos, gauges and shifters on the drift cars are all great then zip under the car??


 The interiors are a very well done and one of these cars strong suits.

Schuco sent us four of their 1:32 cars to look at and review.

the four they chose to have reviewed were:

The Mazda RX-8, Renault Clio Trophy, Citroen WRC 2005 and the Renault Clio.

These cars are extremely pleasing to look at and their fit and finishes are of a very good quality. The interiors are very well done. On the rally cars the steering brake, fire extinguisher and switch panel are clear and have very good detail.  

































































I would like to find more product from this company and see if this is a standard product for them, or is the Junior Line a lower quality line.  

I guess these are questions we will have to ponder until we see more products from this company. Although you do not see a lot in the US from this manufacturer, if your able find them these would be a great buy for your diorama needs…

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You can find these cars at


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