The 1963 Chevrolet Chevy II and Nova continued to sell well in their second model year, giving Chevy the confidence to expand the line. If a Super Sport edition could prove successful on its big cars, Chevy reasoned, why not on the Chevrolet Chevy II and Nova?

Chevy introduced the SS option on this compact lineup, confining it to hardtop coupe or convertible body styles. Since both those body styles were offered only in uplevel Nova trim, that effectively limited the package to the six-cylinder Nova 400 models.

Chevy said the new Super Sport option promised to deliver "Nova 400 glamour with a sports car flourish." The $161 package required larger (14-inch) tires and included bucket seats, a four-gauge instrument cluster, finned wheel covers, silver-color rear cove, and Nova SS insignia.










Here is one rare car that surely will become a diecast collectible. While most people are buying Chevelle SS or Camaro Z28s, there is not as large of a demand for the more obscure cars like this 1963 Chevrolet Nova SS. The 1963 Nova was the beginning of the Muscle Car movement with the smaller body and the sportier looks. This is one car that is sure to be a great little collectible. How many 1963 Novas have you seen produced as a die-cast collectible? Not many. That is what makes this car so unique. And as collectors, we all know unique means collectible.












The interior of this car is well done; it is quite true to life. Although not shown in these photos the seats fold ahead.

This photo is a real 1963 Nova SS. SunStar did justice to the real car when they made this diecast. For a Nova collector this is a must have diecast.








The motor and the attention to detail are done very well in this car.  The motor is detailed in both color and authenticity.  The air filter with the correct logo is prominently displayed.  The radiator hose is bent and made out of rubber.  The exhaust manifold run down the side of the motor true and straight just like they were when they came of the assembly line in Detroit. 
SunStar did a wonderful job on the trunk area of this car. The spare tire looks and feels like it should. I was happy to see the tire iron in the trunk, and nicely done at that.











I feel where most diecast falter in the under carriage of the car, SunStar has done a 7 out of 10 on this car. The large screw in the oil pan just kills it for me. Although I have to give them credit on the fine detail on the rest of the under carriage, this may not be a high end collectable car, but the little details they added to this kicks it up a notch. As you can see from the photos, the undercarriage in the front has far more detail then you would expect to see in a car of this price. 














Overall I like this car and I would buy this car for myself. I would also recommend this for the Chevy collector and it is a must have for any Nova collector...

With Kind Regards,
Franklin Nichols

















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