1968 Welly Z28 Camaro


The 1968 Welly Z28 Camaro was a sharp looking car right out of the box.  The blue paint with white hood and trunk stripes gave it nice curb appeal.  The fender wells were painted silver instead of coated in plastic which made the all metal body that much more appealing although some of the grey paint had been rubbed off on this particular model. The stickers were placed in their original location and the plastic lights contained the vertical lines which were prevalent on many GM cars of the era.


The interior of the car while pretty well detailed was rather plain.  The all plastic interior was cold and hard where a little vinyl might have softened it a little.  The level of detail on the dash and the rest of the interior were impressive for this level model. 


The engine was well put together and again for the price of this model contained quite a bit of detail. The all rubber tires and deep dish rims added to the look of this car.  Overall this is a good model for the collector who wants and authentic looking car but does not want to shell out a lot of money.  I would tuck this model up on a shelf where the casual observer would be impressed with the car from a distance.

















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