The 1999 edition of the 1:18 Chevrolet Corvette from Welly looked good coming out of the box. The exterior detail and silver and black color scheme makes this a sharp looking car. The hard top came off easily, althogh I would not recommedn taking it on and off repeatdly as the plastic pins are very fragile, and added a nice look to this car. The large wheels and over=sized brake rotors look nice too as the rims have a dull finish and the rotors are highly polished chrome.

The motor in this car does not contain a lot of detail and is the standrd fair as far as the new Corvettes are concerned. It has the signature Corvette intake covers with the spiral view of the top of the motor. The designers did includes the alternator and a few houses but for the most part this is not the

 highlight of this model.
The doors on this Corvette swung open very wide and did so with ease.

  The enormous door hinges pulled the doors well wide of the car when fully extended. This makes it very easy to enter and exit the car. The dash and gauges were all plastic with stickers attached that were difficult to read.The seats and console contained a fair amount of detail although I would have liked to have seen some vinyl inside instead of just plastic. Given the styling and curb appeal of this model from Welly it may just find a spot in my collection. For the young collector or for someone who owns this year Corvette it certainly merits consideration for purchase. The 1999 Chevrolet Corvette from Welly is solidly built and will look nice in any collection for years to come. The body shots of the exterior of the car provide the viewer with a real sense of the car. It looks like it is ready for your driveway. From all the different angles you can see the engineers work and the authenticity of the model. Overall this is a nice collector car especially if you are into Corvettes.

I would like to thank Welly for the opportunity to review their fine car