1/32 Scale Unimog-Generation U4000














The mobile transport vehicle and extreme off-road implement carrier. The new 1/32 Scale Unimog-Generation U4000


This review could be called the truck that frank has always wanted. I can remembering seeing my first one in early childhood. The wonderment still remains.

Welly did an outstanding job in reproducing this rugged truck. The feel and heft of this truck adds to the overall realistic aura of this diecast.











Welly did a commendable job on the interior of this truck. The instrument cluster is clear and well detailed. although, there would be a steering wheel in this photo if I did not break it off by trying to climb in. This too is richly detailed. The paint, fit and finish of this diecast is of collectible quality. I have reviewed diecast costing far more than this one, and they would have a hard tome matching this trucks quality. 



I love the detail rich underside of this truck, their addition of a front and rear PTO outputs on the transfer case. The trueness in reproducing the tread pattern on the wheels. The mounting holes/braces for the rear implements.  











The dump box performed flawlessly in its range of motion. The rear mud guards along with the fuel tank have good placement. Their attachment to the frame is very well done and realistic looking.. 









The only negative comment I have for this truck is, Welly added a friction drive unit on the front axel. WHY? WHY? WHY?

 Overall this is not only an incredible looking diecast for your shelf, but one fine conversation piece for your desk Or a way cool addition to your diorama layout. This is a fine diecast.










This is a must have for any Mercedes collector. Also, if you're into extreme off road vehicles, this would make a handsome addition to your collection. Or if your are like me, this is going in the center of my layout, just to show it off. I would like to thank Welly for shipping this in from Hong Kong for me to review. I do truly appreciate this companies vision in producing a line of Unimog trucks for us to enjoy.

With kind regards,

Frank N.






Now just because I can.....