Wellys has sent me their Mercedes-Benz Actros Car Carrier for review. this is part of there COLLECTIBLES /1:32 COLLECTION SERIES . Welly has done an aesthetically pleasing job on this truck. this is a fine looking truck, but no way is it a collectible quality vehicle. The exterior of the truck has a very well done paint job, the tampo printing of the details is also very clear and crisp.     






A fine looking truck, Unfortunately it has too many flaws to be considered collectible quality. The truck is plagued with small problems. The rear gate sticks and sounds like it is going to snap when lowered. Also the second level Hydraulics, although impressive looking, fail to work with out a fair amount of man handling. I do have to give credit where credit is due, The looks of this with scale cars is incredible. This model is very well proportioned for size and scale. This truck would make a fine display platform for your diecast or your slot car collections.









The small details that drag this truck out of the collectible quality arena are shown in the photos below. The truck is detailed fairly well on the inside, much attention is paid to the placement of the mirrors, steering wheel and gauge cluster then non-Functioning doors. why go through all that effort and not let someone enjoy it fully. The front tire and wheel assembly looks good from a distance but under examination they show major flaws. The underside also lacks the full range of detail that collectible quality vehicles require.

Overall an aesthetically pleasing job, but just can not make it to the COLLECTIBLES /COLLECTION SERIES that they advertise it to be. This would look great on a shelf/layout to display your collection. As I stated earlier, The looks of this with scale cars is incredible. Overall a good stage to show something off, but not a main actor.       












I would like to thank Welly for shipping this in from Hong Kong for me to review. I do truly appreciate this companies vision in producing a line such as this and hope to see Continuing growth and development in the coming releases.


With regards

Frank N.   

















What the real one looks like.....