Porsche Cayenne Turbo











Not much I can say, just look at the photos. For this price range this is a fine diecast.

Although there are some details I would like see different, like the non-opening rear doors. I would also see more detail in the undercarriage and under the bonnet. Okay, now let’s talk about it’s really, really good points. The gage cluster is outstanding, all are clear and readable, did I mention they are also spot on? The paint is awesome also; smooth with a high shine no orange peel.










The vents are placed true to original all steering column levers are correctly placed and look like they belong there. The gas and brake pedals are placed nicely and look true to size.












I love the disc brake detail that can be seen through the wheel. The tires have a good feel to them and have very realistic tread lines in them.


Okay . . . COOL FEATURE WARNING . . . from any door in the cockpit you can see the navigation screen and it looks to be on. Airbag lines are clear and crisp. Seat details are clear and very well defined. In fact, all of the features in the cockpit are clear and very well done. Good job Welly!




In these photos you can see the lack of detail in the motor and transfer case, but the rear transaxle and gas tank are well done.