Many applied graphics depicting many subjects including; 

  •   An upcomming circus    
  •   Train departures and arrivals
  •   Telegraph service   
  •   County fair       
  •   Drinks ads.    
  •   An insurance advert.   
  •   Beer advert.


No layout is complete without at least one good train depot and this production from the cornerstone series could well fit the bill for yours.    

     The Clarksville Depot is depicted as a full wooden structure with clap board siding trimmed with wainscoting and wooden windows and doors. The depot comes in three color combinations to compliment other structures and is complete with wooden platforms.

Cornerstone has obviously taken great care to many details, such as; 

  •    Realistic shingle roof
  •  Simulated wood siding, trim doors and windows.
  •    Curtains in some windows.  




Some of the extras included are two station baggage wagons with several pieces of baggage, two benches,soda machine, cold drink box, three garbage cans and four passengers dressed for travel.






Happy Railroading          





No matter the size or era of ones layout Clarkesville Depot will add a great deal and possibly a little nostalgia.