Trainline Wallschlager Motors, Offered by Walthers

Walthers Trainline HO Scale

    If you are in need of a building for your layout here is a very interesting building that can fit in most any time period.


    The packaging well displays the many interesting highlights of the building, to quote; Instant fun, Perfect for use with any HO scale train set or layout, Fully assembled and decorated, Colorful signs and/or window  graphics, Adds authenticity to vintage- or modern scenes, This just about tells all about a well planned and produced building. however there is more to say than it is just a good looking addition to any layout


    First off there can be just a little more nostalgia to some of us that can remember going to a local car dealer in some small town possibly with your father to look at a new car at a dealership very much like Wallschlagers, Upon arrival you were invited to sit in the car and take a spin after witch you would probably touch the car all over and kick the tires.


    The building looks as if it were built in the fifties, possibly for some other business and then turned into a car sales company as happened quite frequently. It represents a brick structure with large windows and doors for good visibility and access to the public.


      The decorations on the building are fantastic, There are red and white flags around all the windows and advertising on all the windows. All the advertisements are very clear and readable.


    In summery I would like to say that I am very much impressed with this offering and will certainly find a spot on my layout for it.


                    Happy railroading ; Bud