Woodland Scenic has long been known for their wonderful products that help make a train lay out or any panoramic endeavor appear more realistic. They have now produced a factory building that is occupied by the Clyde & Dale Barrel Company


The Clyde & Dale Barrel Factory in my opinion is one of the best plastic buildings ever produced, The detail that Woodland Scenic have incorporated in this production is over whelming realistic and is a great addition to any undertaking

Basicaly the building is an average styrene injected two story building but that is where all semblance of average ends, The finishing teckniques are superb and make this structure anything but average. I feel this one of the best production models made

First glance shows a very realistic structure but further investigation reveals many details that are overlooked on most models such as the wooden water tank on the roof, complete with a ladder, an air conditioner unit complete with piping also three detailed vents. In addition there is what appears to be an access hatch cover and a smoke stack. There is further access to the roof via a steel ladder from the lower roof. On the lower roof one would find another hatch, and an array of industrial pipes and a dust collector.

On the loading dock side of the building there are some other details including two air vents and the electrical service Complete with a meter and breaker box. Also on the loading dock one would find several barrels an safety rails. Other details found around the are a propane tank, a trash container and venitian blinds in the office windows. On on end of the building there is located two truck loading doors. There is also a delivery schedule posted by the truck docks and an employees only also posted. There are also several simulated light fixtures around the entire building.