Life-likes # 433-1983 (Apple trees)

Life-likes # 1321 (farm)

Woodlands senics # Br5027 ( Grannies House )


" Over the river and through the woods to grand mothers house we go."

Well folks Woodland Scenics has made it possible to have that thought on our layouts in a grand way.

Woodland Scenics has produced a fantastic model of Grannies house that just has to grab ones attension and memories. The house is a replica of one that we all can remember and in fine detail down to the sleeping dog on the front porch.

There are many details that add to the realistic character that we call imagine such as the two bikes leaning against the side of the house and the rose bush that might have been there to hide the propane tank.

The house is a wooden one story building that appears to have had an extra room added on. The front porch seems to have been a good place to just sit and rock and relax. around back we find an entrance to the cellar and a rear door. there are two shovels a lawn mower and a trash can by the door and a rolled up hose on a sidewall.

What would it be to not have some apple pie from the apple trees growing in the orchard next to Grannies House. Apple trees are made by Life-like Trains and are three inches tall and may be use with or without the supplied bases.)

The farm animals are also made by Life-like and can make a great addition on any layout. 9The set is made up with a tractor, stake body truck, three animals with a feed trough, a wind mill and two people.)

Grannies House is a great nostalgic addition to any layout.

Happy railroading