Once again Woodland Scenics has produced another fantastic built - up building that one has just got to find a place for on his or hers layout.
    Dubbed " fil'er Up & Fix'er is the first thing that catches your attention, this is what is displayed on the sign on this realistic offering of a gas station model that is superbly offered by Woodland Scenics. This item can work on any layout and will stimulate most modelers and even put one into a nostalgic mood.
    Real structures such as these can be found mostly in small towns as well as larger ones  and
really represents what many of us can remember as what a gas station should be and was before things became Modernized to what it is today. This model brings back memories of when all your needs were taken care by a local owner operater who you were generally aquainted with and knew by name and as a friend.
    The wooden structure appears to have been built first and an addition of a concrete area to accommodate auto repairs and tire changes was added on at a later time. Under a sloped roof to the front there are two older style gas pumps that were generally  attended by the owner or an employee who generally checked your water and oil and added what was needed. There are numerous things displayed around the building such as four tires (probably retreads) and a hand operated oil or possibly a kerosene pump. also in the front there is a bench that one could sit on and drink a soda from the soda machine near the front door.
    On the side of the block area you will find the customery collection of mostly useless junk including a motor, tires, torch bottles and other assorted junk items. If one would walk around by the back door more assorted junk is to be found. There is a detailed electric service and two trash cans. On the last side there is a fauset and hose with two water cans. Under a large window is a motorcycle and an old refrigerator that holds ice for sale. All around the building one will find several authentic looking decals for cigaretts , sodas , ice and beer. At the front pump area there is a display rack of oil and a trash can that needs to be emptied.
      All in all I think this Gas and Auto Service Station from the past would go great somewhere on any Layout or diorama. I will certainly will find a place for it on mine. I really think Woodland Scenics have produced a terrific and well detailed structure that will add to any lay out .
        Happy Railroading;       Bud