ADC's goal is to service the neglected race fan and support the smaller race teams while supporting the race tracks and sanctioning bodies as "The Official Diecast". ADC is constantly striving to secure the position as the leader and innovator in the dirt racing industry, recognizing ADC as "The Dirt Racing Diecast People".
ADC American Diecast Company produces Dirt Diecast Late Models and Dirt Modified Diecast in both 1:24 scale and 1:64 scale. These dirt diecast collectibles are also produced in one of three ADC Diecast Series.
 Red Series: Also known as Short Run Production was designed to provide local race teams with  
 quality diecast replicas of his or here own dirt late model and dirt modified race car.
 White Series:  Designed around regional dirt racing hero's. This series is produced in the U.S., is 
 numbered and includes a certificate. This dirt diecast series has a limited production run that is specified 
 on the certificate.
 Blue Series:  Exclusive to nationally known dirt racing drivers. The quantity of these dirt diecast cars  
 is up to 2,500 pieces. This diecast series is produced and decorated in China.
Action Racing Collectables / Motorsports Authentics Diecast 
Action Racing Collectables, also known as Motorsports Authentics, produces the most detailed dirt diecast Sprint Cars and dirt diecast Midget cars in the market place today. Action dirt diecast replicas feature metal bodies and chassis, with accurate paint schemes and authentic details. Every limited edition Action dirt diecast car is sold in customized decorative packaging, in limited production quantities. Action Racing Collectables, the leader in officially licensed NASCAR diecast collectibles.


























Look at the Detail.......
You have to remove the body, most will never see it....
That is the sign of a good         die-cast